Paper conflict – Jaipur

I want to mention that all you can find on this site is my own, very subjective form of putting thoughts on paper. Therefore, in order to get your own piece of truth, it is good to go to places you are interested in on your own. Mainly because in “my places” you can discover something completely different from what I've discovered. We are in Jaipur. A lovely and very clean city. We had the pleasure to see the fort, palace on the water, city of the apes and pink city. Days are getting colder. Possibly because we went farther north, and there are even mountains ahead of us. Backpacks are lighter. Heads are heavier. We climbed the fort today. No one comes there, we were the only people. Majestic. Walls are almost completely preserved. The steps remember history we know only from books. We were walking and walking, against all discouraging, intrusiveness and walking against our steps.

All these incoherences are amazing. You just have to get used to them. For instance when you sit to have some food and you order Pepsi 0,5 l, and it is very likely they'll bring you Coca-cola 0,4 l. When you ask for that Pepsi nevertheless, they bring you 0,6 l ;) And it happens often in many situations. It can be difficult in the long term, but it teaches understanding and patience.

Our plans change with incoming and not-coming trains. In all that overabundance of sensations, views and need to conform to new conditions you'd love to hide. There are a lot of side streets just next to the main ones. When you turn there you have an impression you came into a completely different land, something like Narnia. From the noise and wham into sudden quietness and peace. Here one doesn't need much to conjure something beautiful or just make money. Today Paweł had an opportunity to use a weight scale which is a basis of some man's business. With the dusk people go home with their workshops on their backs. Amazing. Today we went by a plumber, shoemaker, wheel “straightener” and someone who was most likely a smith.

I also wanted to mention that cow, that standed like she was sacred, or maybe I was more like a sacred cow. Anyway, we crashed into each other, mostly to my disadvantage. She seemed not to feel any repentence from the situation, she stood in a place and I, bent in half, timidly went ahead. You don't argue with the sacred.

I bought a guitar in order to supply us with entertainment. I don't know yet, who is going to play the guitar, because none of us is a great guitarist. Since today Seba played the sounds of “Beata z albatrosa”, I dare to say this was a good purchase and I count on fast training myself.

We are going to Agra – the city where from great love to a woman Taj Mahal was built. The place made a great impression on me. We were pressed by time, but the architecture, the great and detailedness filled us with wonderment. With a bit of imagination you can feel the enormity and commitment that drove the author.

Another hours spent in a train. Many hours in a cold train, with no place to sit and we arrived in an as much cold city, Armistar. We are here because of the ceremony of closing India-Pakistan border, so called Vagah Border Ceremony. It is was very curious, because despite of all the seriousness, the ceremony was very amusing. Something between Mr Bean and Monty Python. We started to think that maybe it is only a paper conflict between India and Pakistan.

We haven't eaten meat for two weeks. Not because we don't want to. It's just it is difficult to find either alcohol or meat here. Yesterday we had a chance to eat fish. Ah! What a junket. I also forgot I love coffee. I write about it because after two weeks you can see how easily you can accustom and wean from yourself. Sometimes you wonder if you are still yourself. There are some constants... but it's not about it.

From every day life – it's getting colder. Tomorrow we are going to Kashmir and then farther, to Ledakh. It will get more challenging, but I can feel it now that in all that hapiness of life we (or maybe just I) need to have butt kicked just a little bit ;)

So little and such an overabundance. It's beautiful, nothing more to say:) Ahoj!

PS. I danced in the sands of the desert, I sang among Mumbai crowd, I cooked on the roofs of blue city. I have to remember it all carefuly, because all video vanished. Typical... it grieves my heart!

The guitar recompenses a lot nevertheless, cheers!

The Blue Bird