When we crossed the borders of Nepal, my henna had almost completely faded. Wind hot like lava lashed us with sand from every possible direction. We were going into another unknown, with the ultimate tiredness breathing down our necks. When it seemed we are close, the road, dust and horizon became even more distant. Picture like from Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner. The difference was that we were not running and our backpacks were heavy like they were filled up with bricks... And the guitar:)

We were heading to a bus stop, from where we could go to Pokhara. The travel surprised us once again. In only 12 hours we managed to make a distance of 200 km. And 40 minutes before the end of the route the driver suddenly get off the bus, took his blanket and his assistant and simply went to get some kip... 3 hours wasted, in the middle of the route, in the absolute darknes – you can see it a little bit surprising. We arrived at the destination at 5 am. Travelling on the slopes of Himalayas is a real rollercoaster. 1-meter jumps, broken off handles at the seats. Bruised head, eyes still open with no chance to get some sleep and gladfulness in the same time. On our way we bumped today into a pre-wedding party. Women in beautiful dresses seemed to be happy to see us, so how I danced... an unforgettable experience.

The line bridge called Kushma Bridge is hung 1294 meters over ground and it was a great attraction for us, but not for the locals for whom it is the only window on the world. We wouldn't have been us if we hadn't taken our own ways. So against all odds, and there were many odds, we went down the slope in order to explore the canyon stretching under the bridge. The creek rapid like Osobnicki drenched us lavishly, and I have to mention that the way wasn't easy. Anyway all that took me to my childhood. Calling from one bank to another, wild sounds and water cold like that behind the great grandmother's house.

Coming back to the public transport you have to know, that throwing up all sorts of food is kind of common here and a vehicle is never full enough. Hey!