20/02/2015 On a bus from Mumbai to Jodhpur.

It's a crazy time. We're leaving Mumbai with a sigh of relief. We're starting to show some native behaviour. Omnipresent roaring of vehicle horns doesn't bother us enough and Seba manages to stop the unstoppable traffic for a little while. With perfect Indian serenity he exhibited total callousness. In India it is all about learning how to look deeper. To see details. To recognise the “more true” truth among all the stimuli, because it is easy get deceived by pretence. For me the fun is that I start seeing let's say two realities. I look through the window and I see mess, shabby buildings, litter, stalls made of plywood. And suddenly wham... in the crowd of homeless people I spot many who brush teeth using bottled water. Everyone takes care of his own piece of ground, which brings money during daylight hours and becomes a place for sleep in the night.

For us it seems extreme poverty, but they have their businesses and a roof over their heads. Really, in the street it is hard to distinguish a man who lives in the street from a passer-by. They are continuously moving, they are busy. After 7 hours of waitng on a bus I noticed that scene: Two men, who were moving around whole afternoon (I still don't know if it was something constructive), started to clean heartily a fragment of the pavement. As thoroughly as you clean your own house. Moreover. They seemed to feel safe here.

So, I observed the scenery and people of India long enough to get it – order started to emerge from this chaos. And harmony of life. Our attachment to walls, one own's gardens and all that gathered goods ceased to have so much meaning momentarily.

I have time, I have precious time. At last, its overabundance allows me to go deep inside myself, as deep as I want. I can't feel the overwhelmig multitude of things to do. There's nothing I have to do, and I can do so much. Transcendency inspires me and defines me. When heart beats as it is supposed to, I can feel the sky is closer. Sometimes really close.

We all had the impression that Mumbai would absorb us. We couldn't get out of there. It included losing a passport, missing a train we awaited for 3 days. And waiting many hours...

Everything in a very jolly atmosphere.

This waiting brought us an invitation to a Sikh temple. There we had a moment for refreshment, a meal and lots of kindness. We drank Indian tea with milk and we were really satisfied;)

Transport in India has its shortcomings. You can never be sure if it comes, and it is almost certain it will be late. Sometimes one, sometimes five hours.

Today we got up before the sunrise. When I lazily waited for it I recognized the scenery from documentaries. We are in the very middle of the Blue City, behind us there is an enormous fort. It's wonderful to sit leisurely on the roof and wait for profesionally prepared chai, it is tea with milk and spices.

If only could I keep this moment for a little longer... Goodbye!

PS. Mommy, look at the girl in the photo;) She was very happy.

The Blue Bird