I feel like a king – a bit dirty, but still a king!

Looking for silence and solitude we went to the lake Calanya. We became assertive negotiating rikshas and taxis. So much, that some distances we have to go on foot, because they are quite assertive here, too. They shake heads, they yell, they show disapproval. Personally, I'd give them all world's money and take them home. But, firstly, I live at my mom's, and secondly, I have no money. Calculation is simple – I walk a lot;) Jodhpur invited us into private house – on the way back from the desert lake, a pickup you can see in one of the photos stopped and a nice man took us to his house in a good neighbourhood. He presented us to his wife and children, treated with tea. It was clearly visible he was happy with the fact, he get such a white curiosity. Another opportunity to learn India from the inside. Help prepare tea. See the house's interior. We had planned to go to Maharaja's palace, but regarding the living culture, none of us dared to insist on fulfilling the plan. It was a real prize for me to be invited to a school. I don't know for whom the prize was bigger - me or the kids. But it was huge. It was a school for blind, mute and deaf kids. We played volleyball, skipped a rope. I saw everything from the inside. Ah, just wonderful... in this case Hindi language was dispensable. When I was going away I felt the desire to contribute growing in me uncontrollably. Particularly beacause there are situations, when the presence itself can be entertainment, which in a child's mind can grow to become a permanent memory. An afterglow, possibly one of the few. Hopefully, it will be so in the case of those small people.

We checked Maharaja's palace off without fuss. It was more like trekking. Some people say it is impossible to hitch-hike in India. It is an interesting observation, given we succeed every time we only think about it, moreover, without using our forelimbs. However, it is important to fix the terms by articulating loudly “for free” before you place your butt. We have to be very confident and assertive. There is no other way – it'll be either them or us. It's better us and our rules, considering our low budget.

We moved toward Jaisalmer. Have I mentioned rats? Well... they indeed are present! They usually live at train stations and they are doing pretty well there. In comparison to humans, dogs and cows they sometimes seem to be in really good condition and looked like a healthy and happy bunch. Personally, I don't like and avoid them, but the movie Ratatouille considerably softened reception. Students heading to Rishikesh confirmed the fact, that India is a country of good-hearted and wise people. Another train, attack of taxis and mongers we survived bravely and eventually we spent whole day in Jaisalmer. We will travel to desert tomorrow from here. First henna was botched and I'm hoping for a real masterpiece soon. The scarf seller killed me with the number of rupees to pay. If I bring several kilos of sand from the desert and give in vials, please don't resent me. Now I viev the ability to refuse as the pinnacle of daring and self-assertion, but believe me it wasn't easy to obeserve his commitment and then disappointment. If only it was possible to become an Indian for one day...

This way of travelling isn't for everybody, but it is certainly worth it. It's been a week and we stopped creating scenarios from touristic guides. We afford exactly what we want to do. We don't look new stalls and attractions. All of this is here and it is worth experiencing but we want more, different, more normal. Maybe it's me, but I want to see life in India for what it is. Weaved of everyday chores and difficulties. Because it is like this. Because it is my life here or there, close or far away. And I want it not to be touristic. For a while. Not to be a curiosity, but a discovery. Not a photo, but a painting. Beacause of that buying souvenirs is a problem to me. Souvenirs say you were somewhere for a while, you passed by. And I want items full of content, which carry life, functionality, beauty and the spirit. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but it is difficult to find such things in the stall. Indeed, I'm sure it is impossible! Thar desert is ahead, and guys say we should go the farthest, the wildest. With sand against the face and scorpio against your butt. And me? I'll gladly go through a sandstorm, because I can't help loving it!