Evening - trekking outfit

There are many moments, when the landscape flits outside the window, a light wind enfolds the face and local music plays from the speakers – you can fall into a pensive mood. Those are moments worth travelling. We only share meningful glances and smiles from time to time, for instane when we walk by women going on the side of the road – with baskets on their backs, colorful, smiling. You can't pronounce everything. I think that understatement is probably that very mistery, impossible to explore. That profoundness hidden in people's faces, blue sky, sounds of music, coldness of a creek, taste of spices, smell of cut grass. When you experience all these things you can start believing for a while that we can participate in the infinity. We're leaving Pokhara. We've spent 2 days here – we managed to go by boat, do a little “trekking”, climb, drink local moonshine. Also climb a tree and fall down. Get lost and find the way.

Nepal is more peaceful than India. Poverty is almost unseen, beggars disappeared. The currency changed as well as the way of negotiating. When we go out in the morning to explore the area, we never know where our feet will carry us. Because of that it is typical that when we are going to mountains I am in a way prepared but other way around. It means, I have then my only dress and sandals on me. No one wonders about that anymore. If you can go to Himalaya in sandals, I can go in a dress. Moreover, trekking got new quality. We call it an “evening-trekking outfit”. It's very applicative especially when you like to combine usefulness with pleasure. Board games and cards are the order of the day here. I like to observe usually older men, hidden in shadow and playing chess.