End of the road

We reached that point of our travel, when hot sand, coolness of the ocean and endless sun are everything that surrounds us. Our travel is about to end, crowned by a frame from Miami Beach the movie. We aren't rushing anywhere, bearing anything, planning anything. After two months repleted with the extremes we arrived at beaches of Goa, that offer some constant.

It doesn't mean lack of new experiences though. On the contrary. My wild nature reached the maximum and instead of a scooter I got onto a motorbike. Boom. Unearthly joy. And in these circumstances you have an impression, that having such a machine is a must. The ocean is on my right, a wetland forested with palmtrees on my left. A twisting road and the wind! Wind, wind!! In the evening, when you walk down the beach, fishermen and owners of waterside brasseries display their their offer proudly. Prawns as big as a hand – another dream of mine. Sharks, king fish, crabs, lobsters, squids – everything you may dream of after a whole day on a motorbike. And when I'm looking at all that wonderful pictures, and when I'm opening door with the azure of the ocean right in front of me, and when I'm falling asleep hearing noise of the ocean just behind the wall – I'm thinking of all my loved ones.

I'm thinking it is the first travel I haven't kept only for myself. I hope that India Expedition 2015 not only was an expedition of four kith, Paweł, Karol, Sebastian and Natalia, but we also managed to share this time with those, who can't or don't want to be here, but still have followed our doings.

I have learned that a person, who is flexible and bold enough, can come into line with any circumstances. So, notwithstanding dusty Mumbai slums, hidden in Himalayas mountain cottages, Nepali shops, Rajasthani deserts as well as islands, boats, kayaks, innumerable steps and kilograms and cows, it isn't so hard to put an airy dress on and let yourself be yourself. Be the same in each of those places and still tuned in to them.

We're going home!!!!!! To my yard, my space, to mum. I'm taking a bit of sand in shoes and head full of India with me. I have felt wonderful at all stages of this road. I have felt alive and in the right place. What I saw I've referred and now I'm going home very eagerlyyy! See you!