At 5 am

5 am, quick march to the station, surrounded by frost, dogs, apes and something in the dark that sounded like a rattlesnake. It's high time for us to go towards Nepal. I don't know anymore how much hours the travel took, but I think that two days and two nights passed and our destination is still ahead. I'm starting to think we look worse than Them, but it'd be enough to say we aren't even similar to ourselves anymore. We boarded the bus wearing jackets and scarves. We get off a bus in heat of 30 degrees, only to have to prepare for frost again. Our versatile preparation results in heavier burden to carry, which I am hoping to grow thin in the upcoming week. Nomadic way of living, rats, apes and many other phenomena stopped making any impression on me or at least don't force me to give up an once won seat. Days pass quickly, they fuse into one. I don't know if it is Monday or Friday, if we ate yesterday or the day before yesterday. Apart from strong stimuli, eyes got used to the changing landscape and people in one country. From Bollywood, through nomadic peoples. From heat to frost.

Feet are frozen and laundry haven't gotten dry for 2 days. You don't know how exactly you should prepare, so you take what you can:) Because of the fast pace, railways almost became our home. A place where you can take off the backpack and sleep off. Consumption here has a different dimension for me. Today I ate a pack of biscuits for the first time. Whole pack. So far I have felt I eat a bit too little, or maybe I've feared I will eat too little. When you are home, you feather your own nest, nothing threatens you. When you travel you never know if the ATM will work. If it is there at all, should you to come to it?:) You don't know if you will arrive on time or you will stay somewhere until next morning. And after all, people here have nothing. Neither a credit card, a place to come back, nor even a need to come back anywhere. They have nothing, and apart from tiredness I saw no fear in their eyes...

Maybe it's time to stop being afraid?

Ahoj, fighters!