About me

My family and friends say that after another colleges and thesis defenses I’m on endless vacation, that seem to continue in spite of sudden upsurges and attempts to conform to social framework. Shrt and topped off with fiasco upsurges.

I daresay, that those several people couldn’t be wrong at once and there is a grain of truth in their view at me. Nevertheless, I nurture hope bordering on certainty, that consequent realisation of one’s own life’s passions assisted with keeping feet firmly on the ground generates inner strength and fruit of such way are sweet and imperishable. I’m accompanied by joy and inner conviction that my activities are proper.

Who am I then with this audacious mindset and bravado poroper to a fool?

My name’s Natalia Iwaniec and I’ve been seeking since I can remember. I’ve been seeking my own ideas, my own ways and my own answers. Now I’ve come to a conclusion that the source of these searches was a profound need of freedom, independence and adventure, which I found in so-called travelling (nothing revealing). However, revealing was the fact, that I’m filled with similar emotions by the scene and the possibility of getting out my voice (it means singing). Both areas met at one point of my life, fighting for importance of the taken place. Thus, I decided, from unprofessional, but resulting from my own pleasure motives, to love both areas wholeheartedly. I came to terms with them, I accepted them and here I am. So, in a nutshell, “Tourist song” in the purest form.

Why this site and why to share it?

The idea of the web site came from an impulse and the need of a summary of undertaken activities. Its content is multidimensional ME. I share what I’ve got, because I think it is important – primarily for me. After all it is my life. However, if it turns out it has any value to any of you, my happiness would be unspeakably great.

What can I offer you?

Feel invited to the section TRAVELS – the world in which I will guide you through all places I’ve been to so far and I dream of. With the map you will be able to choose and follow my fortunes freely. Maybe it will be possible to meet someday on the road?

If you decide it is not your cup of tea, you can always click the bookmark MUSIC and familiarise with all things that are connected to me in this matter. Music making is my joy and passion, but also the profession and bread. Thanks to this form of working I can travel, plan and realise anything that shows up in my mind, and I have great daydreams.

The last link of the site is the bookmark SHOP

Shop is a place where, as you can guess, you can buy things. However, I want you to know that all things that will appear there is selected in detail. What you can find there are products, my inspirations, things I view as worth showing, worth having. Largely, those are ideas originated on the road in completely unexpected situations. In a train full of Indian people, somewhere between Nepal and Himalayas, in the hot sun of Abu Dhabi beach, in the blinding cold of Rajasthani desert, on the road with the view of henhouse and a field of nettles. As you can see, these are not only objects, but some conception, memory, the look at a place and people not only with eyes.

I have great hope you will find something for you there, that my memory will live in your wardrobe, wash bag, kitchen and maybe even in a first-aid kit?:)

If you came up till here, it means you are brave and persistent. Thank you for that and I’m glad to have you here.

Natalia (The Blue Bird)